Shaenon: As long as I’m plugging my other projects, here’s a big one.  As a bonus in my recent Narbonic Kickstarter campaign, I promised to bring back my on-hiatus comic Monster of the Week for another season.  And here it is!  Over the next few months I’ll be drawing every episode of Season 5 of the “The X-Files,” because that’s a thing I do sometimes.  Enjoy!

And I’ll bring Monster of the Week back full-time if Jeff’s and my Patreon reaches a certain point, so if you enjoy it, consider contributing and/or encouraging other comic fans to do the same.  Thank you all!

Channing: Shaenon’s summaries are often vastly more entertaining than the show itself, at least when it comes to the drudgery of the Conspiracy Episodes.  Man, does anyone actually like the Conspiracy Episodes?  I think “Red Museum” was the last one I actually liked.