Shaenon: More old thumbnails for strips that wound up in this storyline.  Originally an AG-I agent was going to try to recruit Jonah in his senior year of high school by posing as a military recruiter.  Somehow the idea of AG-I recruiting Jonah survived and was reworked into a subplot in “Unsinkable.”

People in the comments have accused us of blatantly setting up a Jonah-and-Nera spinoff.  I would love to be successful enough someday that I can hire artists to draw Narboniverse comics for which I would receive a generous portion of the profits, but my favorite Skin Horse spinoff premise is Remy solving mysteries in New Orleans with his undead pals.  (Favorite Narbonic spinoff: Caliban the ex-demon and Seth the demon-hunter inexplicably sharing an apartment.)

Channing: Personally, I think a Zeta / Foot / Jonah / Nera spinoff would be fairly rad.