Shaenon: Because I really, really like Star Trek, I am delighted by this illustration of the cast as a starship crew.  Tuitey Fruity has also written bios for everyone!

Captain’s Fancy Valentine Sweetheart
Sweetheart is a member of an alien race that looks exactly like earth dogs and are just as blindly loyal. To combat their natural loyalty from getting the better of them, their names are always include their honorific in the possessive form, to remind themselves that they belong to themselves. Ex: Fancy Valentine Sweetheart is a Captain, and is thus Captain’s Valentine Sweetheart. Who is the Captain? She is! If she was a Lt., she would be Lt.’s Fancy Valentine Sweetheart.

First Officer Commander Unity, Chief of Security
A failed Federation Experiment who joined Starfleet because no one else would take her. She has one blue sleeve because “she is science”.

Dr Dennis “Tip” Wilkin, Ship’s Counselor and Communications Officer
Tip made the rank of captain but would rather be the ship’s counselor/communications officer than have his own command. Still has the captain’s rank stripes on his sleeves.

Chief Engineer Lt. Commander Sergio “Power Surge” Mendoza
Sergio is the Chief Engineer and is always making custom modifications to the engines. Often electrocutes himself.

Lt. Junior Grade Berenice Jones
Works directly under Lt. Commander Mendoza. Is a prodigy of an engineer (goes “mad” after passing through a mysterious nebula and gains godlike powers and intelligence).

Lt. Senior Grade Arthur Narbon
Polymorphic alien. Member of the Changeling Link until cast out. Was cast out in the form of a gerbil-like creature; however, he can also become human-like at will. Was found by Helen Narbon and experimented on for years while in his gerbil state, eventually unlocking his ability to turn into a human.

Dr. Virginia “The Brain Butcher” Lee, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Lee is the Chief Medical Officer. She did not know that her defunct experiment UNITY was the first officer when she accepted the position.

Chris and Marcie, Lts. Senior Grade, Chief Science Officers
Joint science officers, have spent too much time near the dilithium.

Channing: This is amazing, and works far better than it has any right to. Now I want to play Star Trek Adventures with this crew. Thanks so much for this!