Shaenon: One more non-Skin Horse update…  The Kickstarter campaign to reprint Narbonic: The Perfect Collection has ended and is officially the most successful Kickstarter I’ve run so far.  Thank you so much to everyone who pledged and/or got the word out!  And anyone who hasn’t read Narbonic, the comic strip I did before this one, can of course catch up here.

The Narbonic Kickstarter hit all three of its stretch goals, meaning that I’ll be publishing two books of bonus Narbonic comics and drawing another season of my X-Files recap comic, Monster of the Week.  (MotW has been on hiatus since I had a baby and, to put it bluntly, ran out of time for comics that don’t make any money.)  Above is my new cover illustration for The Astonishing Excursions of Helen Narbon &Co., a Victorian serial that people have been requesting in print for years and I’ve put off collecting because I have to go back and rescan all the artwork.  Okay, back to scanning.  Talk to you later!

Channing: A round of applause for all us Narbonic fans for helping to make all this wonderful stuff happen!