Shaenon: As you can see from the quality of these sketches, this was another sequence we came up with way back when.  Shelby started out as a background character in the second storyline of Skin Horse, “Borrowers,” but he was unexpectedly badass in “Tin Soldier.”  I can’t remember when or why we decided to make him a spy for AG-I.

The back of one of these pages has a sketch by Andrew.  I don’t remember what this is, but enjoy.


Channing: Well, funny you should mention that, Shaenon! It was actually still rather early on. The idea was floated in late November 2009. As you wrote at the time:

“Oh, and Shelby the bald guy from Maintenance! Would it be cool if, way, way down the line, the SH staff suspects him (of being a spy)… and it turns out he is a spy–but a spy from AG-I, the federal superhero organization? That would be awesome, right? It would, however, require doing an AG-I related storyline at some point to set this up. Food for thought.”

Eight years later, we are finally doing that storyline. I feel compelled to mention that if you want to see more behind-the-scenes jabbering we did while planning some of these storylines out, please consider becoming a Patreon subscriber at the $5 tier or above!