Shaenon: This month’s wallpaper illustration is based on the children’s book A Visit to William Blake’s Inn, written by Nancy Willard and illustrated by the husband/wife team of Alice and Martin Provensen, who drew lots of beautiful children’s books in American folk art styles.  (Martin is no longer with us, but Alice is still busy at 98.)

Nancy Willard, who passed away this February, was one of my college professors and among the most wonderful people I’ve known. Her classes on folklore, fairy tales, and children’s literature provided some of my happiest memories of Vassar. I wanted to do a special illustration in her honor, but Skin Horse in general owes a lot to Nancy.

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You’ll also get this bonus summer wallpaper from the archives:


Channing: Okay, sorry, but that undead alligator is really adorable. I wish I’d have thought of him.