Shaenon: The above strip is from a guest week-and-a-half drawn for my previous strip, Narbonic, by the wonderful Aaron Neathery.  Years later, when I was editing the comics site Modern Tales, I was proud to include Aaron’s comic Endtown, which is still running on  He’s an amazing talent and a kind, way-too-modest guy.  I’ve known Aaron for over 15 years and my only complaint is that we’ve never managed to meet in person.

Anyway, Aaron was recently hospitalized with health problems.  While he’s recovering, now’s the perfect time to enjoy Endtown and, if possible, subscribe to his Patreon.  Get better, Aaron!  We’re rooting for you!

This has been a public service message from your local Shaenon.

Channing: And remember to buy Aaron Neathery where you work or bank! Seriously, check him out. Endtown is a trip.