Channing: Hey, folks. Because we are professionals and stuff, we try to be good about making cuts to our work for pacing or whatever. Sometimes this results in a scene being trimmed down from the version you see in the final strip. In the current storyline, Shaenon (probably correctly) trimmed Tip’s funk training from two weeks down to one in the interest of keeping the strip moving along. As a Sunday bonus, you can read the original script here.

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Thank you for your time, and a happy October to you.


Shaenon: Speaking of desktop wallpaper, I always like to see what Jeff has going on.  My own desktop wallpaper is a revolving gallery of artwork from unpublished comics projects, either to keep me motivated to work on them or remind me of my many failures, depending on my mood.


Channing: Basically it is some random bit of nerdness with a constant undercurrent of My Little Pony. Today’s random bit of nerdness revolves around the fact that I was just exposed to this hot new card game called “Magic: The Gathering.” I don’t know if you’ve heard of it yet; it’s pretty recent, but I pride myself on being on the bleeding edge of geek culture.

I have learned that I am rather good at Green, a.k.a., the color that just sits around hoarding resources and then stomping everyone flat after about seven turns. This is all assuming I survive that long. Green rewards patient play.