Shaenon: Initially, I wanted to do up a topical wallpaper design related to presidential campaigns, but, historically, American campaign art has kind of sucked.  Except for the WPA era, we’re weak at stylish propaganda.  Then I started looking at Americana in general, which led to the realization that I’d never done a Norman Rockwell pastiche.  And I love Rockwell!  As a bonus, I got to design a bunch of old-timey tattoo flash.

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As a bonus, you’ll also get this sweet summer wallpaper from the archives:


Channing: I absolutely love this wallpaper! Being Unity would get rid of the major angst I have about getting a tattoo, which is to say, its relative permanence compared to the fleeting nature of my interests and fandoms and whatever. But when your arm itself isn’t permanent, eh, might as well!