Channing:  Heyo and happy holidays to all!  For today’s Sunday, I fished out of my backup files yet another discarded bonus story that was briefly considered for the end of one of our print collections.  It was (thankfully) passed over before it reached the art stage for a number of reasons, but I thought you might get a kick out of reading it.  Take a look at “Reasonable Accommodations” if you like, because nothing says Christmas like implied werewolf/human intimacy.  And yes, that’s a content warning for you.

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Shaenon: I hate when I have to be the voice of reason on this team, because I’m really bad at it.  Even now, I’m looking at Jeff’s script and thinking, “Okay, on one hand I don’t want to draw ethically questionable interspecies sex scenes… but I do want to draw Jeff dressed as Uatu the Watcher.  Or any Jack Kirby-designed character.”

I have to go write a script where Jeff rides Devil Dinosaur.