Shaenon: These two ladies are a couple of characters from Narbonic, my old webstrip, which takes place in the same universe as Skin Horse.  Jeff wrote a strip for them in this storyline, but I try to avoid doing strips that require people to have read Narbonic, because, you know, not everyone’s done that.  Although you should.  Anyway, I cut the strip, but I liked the dialogue, so here they are.  Helen and Mell, chilling on Helen’s evil island while the world burns.  They are such jerks.

Channing: Aw, I can’t help it.  I still love “Narbonic” so effing much, I keep wanting to write the people in it.  Other than Artie, though, I’m going to have to settle for Dave’s robot receptionist, seen at the end of “If I Ran the Zoo.”