Shaenon: Okay, one last set of sketches I did for Kickstarter backers.  Here’s the final tally of all the character requests I got this time around:

Nick: 17 (7 regular, 9 in the Violet drone, 1 as the manga-style Niko-Hime from one of the wallpaper designs)

Sweetheart: 16 (15 regular, 1 in the Violet drone)

Unity: 15

Dr. Lee: 14

Moustachio: 10

Tip: 9

Bubbles: 8

Gavotte: 5

Tigerlily: 5

Imogene: 4

Artie: 3

Silverfish: 3

Nera: 2

Baron Mistycorn: 2

Violet Bee: 2

Cobras: 2

Mr. Green, The Notary Abbess, Marcie, H.T., Jonah Yu, Konstantin, Remy, G.O.D.O.T., Imogene’s henchman Titus, Julie the werewolf cop, Seanan the zombie-slayer from St. Charlie, Ruby the winged android from St. Charlie, Helen Narbon from a completely different comic strip, Mell from the same completely different comic strip, Skinner’s fist from The X-Files, Killotron-2, the Whimsy robots, and the above trio of Science Betties: 1 each

I’m beat.  When do we do Volume 6?

Channing: Skinner’s Fist is the best character. Also, I guess you guys like Nick, huh.