Shaenon: This is another comic strip my friend Jason Thompson and I were working on at one point.  It was called Destroy All Manga and was based on all our friends down at the manga publishing company.  Speaking of Jason and manga, I highly recommend his tabletop game Mangaka, wherein you live the dream of being an overworked manga artist.  I playtested it and it was awesome if you like drawing ridiculous things very quickly and badly, which is basically my life.  One week left to back it on Kickstarter:

Channing:  That’s… actually a pretty good sound effect.  I think I would be good at the mentioned game because I can only draw things terribly.  Although I now own a stylus and an iPad and a $6 art application, so brother, I’m prepared to WORK ON MY ART SKILLS.

Actually, I will probably use it to draw My Little Pony characters.

In summary, back Jason’s Kickstarter!