Channing:  Last time I did this it turned out pretty well, so let’s try it again!  For whatever reason, the bonus story for Volume 2 of the collected Skin Horse strips was kind of a bear.  Pondered and eventually discarded were a number of scripts which remain in various stages of completeness on my hard drive, everything from the adventures of adorable baby Sweetheart to a sort of “What-If” story about Tip’s lycanthropy being incurable.  Eventually (as you will know) we decided upon sort of a zany personality-swap storyline to close Volume 2, and I’m very happy with it, but I thought maybe you guys might be interested in seeing what might have been!  Clicking on the link below will take you to a copy of “Water Cooler Talk,” a bonus story starring the (at that time) immobile office water cooler.  It was eventually discarded for its extremely somber tone, but maybe you’ll like to read it anyway!

Anyhow, clicky clicky!

Shaenon: I’m glad things have turned out more or less well for the water cooler since then.  I think Jeff and I both worry about her, but Jeff worries more.

Also, I love these features for the glimpse of Jeff’s desktop wallpaper.