Shaenon: Yeah, I’m drawing baby comics now.  Deal with it.

Channing: I love how adorably surly Robin looks.

Shaenon: Since I drew this Robin has graduated from casts to braces, so I have to make up a whole new set of lies.

And hey, Jeff’s birthday was this past week!  Kay Gilbert threw a webcomics mascot party in his honor.  Check it out:


Writes Kay: Artie and Helen felt that Jeff deserved some serious props for helming Skin Horse in Shaenon’s absence, and thought they’d throw a combo birthday and congratulations party in his honor.  To that end, they consulted party planner extraordinaire Pinkie Pie, who put together this blow-out.
            Here’s a picture of the crowd, captured in the process of singing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” (which nobody can deny): Wanda the Wasp Eater (Girl Genius), Pintsize (Questionable Content), Pinkie Pie herself, Liz the Lizard of Guilt (Oglaf), Helen, Winslow (QC) and Artie.  Oh, and of course, Artie’s BFF Albert Einstein, who seems to show up whenever there’s an open bar.
            The one downside: Pinkie Pie accepted Helen’s offer to provide the punch.  I leave to your imagination what the group looked like an hour later!  (Hint: Picture lemurs with wings and fangs.)

Thank you so much!  I’m just sorry we don’t have any Skin Horse plushes to round out the party.