Shaenon: I’m delighted to report that the Skin Horse 5 Kickstarter drive has reached its first stretch goal: reprinting Volume 1!  No longer will new readers gaze enviously upon this out-of-print volume, wishing it could be theirs.  We’ll be able to reprint it and get it back in stock by spring.

Thank you all so much!  And to check out the progress of the Kickstarter drive, head right on over here:

Channing: Thanks to all of you for making this happen! In a long form story-driven comic like this, it’s critical for people to have the opportunity to start from the beginning. I know I’m not the only one out there who gets fidgety owning only #2 of a given book series or whatever.  Obsessive pattern-completion and all.

Also, apropos of nothing, I can’t see the title of this post without adding the words “…in Thunderball” to it. What does that say about me?