Shaenon: Skin Horse Volume 5 is happening!  At least, I hope so.  As of today, we’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund Volume 5.  Not only that, if we reach our first stretch goal, we’ll be able to reprint the currently unavailable Volume 1.  So really, you’re getting two Skin Horse books at once.  Anyway, the Kickstarter is running from now through November 9.  You can check it out here:

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Channing: We’d love to be able to print this mama, and we can do it with your help! Just look at how pink that cover is. You totally want a book that color to be a thing that exists. You also want to own said book. You have your reasons. Far from me to tell you what those reasons are, but if you are hunting for one, you can always use the fallback that it is totally great. That’s what works for me.