Shaenon:  I can’t thank everyone enough for keeping Skin Horse going with the guest weeks while I worked on my own side project.  But I’ll try.  Thanks so much to Mike Lynch, Justin Hall, Brenton “Dazhbug” Loeffelman, Tea Fougner, Elena Diaz, Artaban, and Vincent Kukua.  And everyone who contributed Sunday art.  And just everyone.  Hurrah!

Channing:  Lots and lots of thanks, all around.  So many thanks.  You would not believe how many thanks.  Thanks to all of you for keeping up, thanks to all the filkers for all your filking, and thanks to all the artists who kept us going and made it so I didn’t have to draw the darn strip myself for a couple months.  If you’d like to check out our daily guest artists’ work elsewhere, please use the handy-dandy compilation list below!

Gorgoth the Dominator: Mike Lynch
The Most Evil Swimsuit in the World: Justin Hall
Hugey P and Daisychain: Brenton Loeffelman
Think Yourself Human: Tea Fougner
Hedgies, Hedgies, Hedgies!: Elena Diaz
Whatever Happened to the Millipedes: Artaban (no online gallery)
Nightmarchers: Vincent Kukua

And thanks also to our additional Sunday folks: EdddddTheMadGenius, Jabberwonky, Windy Wanderings, Michael Jantze and Jenn Manley Lee. I don’t have some of you Sunday folks’s online presences in my notes since some entries were harvested from the phpBB forum, so leave your contact information in the comments if you’d like your links included here!

Thank you all, once again.