Channing: So anyway, I kind of thought it would be fun while I remain in charge of the strip to show you all just a little peek of what goes on behind the scenes here at Skin Horse. In addition to a maddening and nigh-infinite series of weekly scripts, I will occasionally shoot Shaenon a design document outlining some of my long-term goals for an upcoming storyline. These documents are full of useless information, half-discarded plot points and other mundane stuff that y’all haven’t had a chance to look at…

…until now.

Anyway, if you think that seems cool, take a gander at a sample plot outline for the storyline “Once and Future.”  Clicky clicky.  (Mild language use.)[1]

Of course, you know and I know that the real draw here is analyzing my desktop, so, y’know, have at it.


[1]  Of course it’s language use.  It’s a text document.  You know what I mean.