Channing:  Straight from the lawless unregulated frontier town that is the daily comments section, where justice is swift and brutal and meted out with a gun, we have this cute little picture of Original!Nick sporting the virtual reality headset we first saw him wearing, with the added bonus of a whirly propeller thing!  It has not made him appreciably happier to have a whirly propeller thing on his head, which is perfectly apropos as sometimes it seems to me that nothing really makes Nick happy; like many nerds, he has two sliders, one labeled “rage” and the other labeled “awesome.”

Interestingly enough, the virtual reality headset does not literally exist, as it was all a fabrication of the elaborate virtual reality that Nick was already inside.  So basically, it’s a virtual virtual reality headset.  I just blew your mind.

Anyway.  This art brought to you by poster Windy Wanderings, who has a Tumblr that does not revolve around pretending to be a My Little Pony character, which distinguishes it from 99% of all other Tumblr accounts I am typically exposed to.