Channing:  Today’s piece is by far the most interesting and imaginative piece of “Skin Horse” fan art we’ve ever received.  Talented fans Shaenon Garrity and Andrew Farago have actually spent nine and a half months crafting a human infant in honor of–

Okay, okay.  You get it, no sense protracting the gag.  Ladies, gentlemen and bizarre half-lady half-gentleman hybrids, it is both my pleasure and my distinct honor to introduce you to Robin Kelty Farago (the smallish dapper chap on the right), born July 6, weighing in at seven pounds and four ounces and lengthing (?) in at nineteen and a half inches long.  These figures are subject to rapid change and are doubtless already wrong.  You know kids.  Shaenon reports that the little fella enjoys eating, sleeping, and having hair.  We should all do so well.  Welcome to the world, little guy!