Shaenon: As has been intimated in previous Sunday installments, I am currently very close to having a baby.  I’ll be taking a maternity leave from Skin Horse, with Jeff and colorist Pancha Diaz soldiering on without me.

Meanwhile, if you start jonesing for stuff by me, allow me to suggest you try the links at Among other stuff, I’ve been writing a bunch of science fiction stories, most recently a story for the Amazon literary journal Day One (ebook edition here).  That’s the cover illustration above, by Maryanna Hoggatt.  It’s a kohlrabi.  I hope this keeps yinz busy until I get back.  Behave yourselves and listen to Jeff!

Channing:  This sort of exhortation never seems to work on my dogs.  Perhaps I’ll have better luck with the readership.

Anyhoo, those of you who like drawings to go with their words and colors can take heart!  “Skin Horse” continues uninterrupted with the next storyline, “Grillo Parlante,” which features a number of special guest cartoonists to guide us all through some of the less-explored nooks and crannies of the Skin Horse universe.  Hope you enjoy!