Shaenon: Chris and Marcie’s suggestion that Sweetheart cosplay as Okami, which is apparently a thing from a video game (the most recent game system I own is still the Super Nintendo), captured the imaginations of many readers.  Here’s Tom Flapwell’s rendition of the magic moment, with Sweetheart looking exactly as thrilled as I’d expect Sweetheart to be in this situation.

Also, the Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes book special is still running at the Couscous Store! From now through the end of June, any purchase of Narbonic and/or Skin Horse books comes with an original daily strip.  Order now, and your wall can be as spectacularly bedecked as this one:


Only, you know, with a different comic.

Channing:  As many have already noted, the character’s literal name is not “Okami.” I have to beg lucid reference and panel space issues for not using the correct one.

That out of the way, sometimes you write a line hoping that someone will take up the pen and draw a scene described but never shown on panel. Tom, you did good. Tanks so much!