Shaenon: Euel Ball created this excellent image of Tigerlily Jones, plus robot army, on  Poser, and I’ve gotta say it’s extremely sweet.  Thanks so much, Euel!  It was great to meet you at the Emerald City Comicon last month!

Speaking of Emerald City, and also shamelessly plugging my non-Skin Horse work, my Lady Gamer/Edward Gorey’s Tribbles flip minicomic, which debuted at Emerald City, is now available at the Couscous store.  So have a look if you like nerdy stuff, the Edwardian era, comics by me that went viral around the Internets at some point, or any combination of the above.


Channing:  Outta sight, Euel!  Tigerlily is clearly about five seconds away from sticking it to the man with the power of science.

Also you totally should buy this comic, and I am not saying that from my normal position of financial bias!