Shaenon: At long last, we found Emperor Norton’s grave!  Previous visitors had left flowers and tribute, including…a hat.  And some coins.  And a can of tuna?



We left fifty cents, the traditional tax levied by the Emperor whenever he needed lunch money.


I’m glad I visited, because otherwise I wouldn’t have learned that buried directly in front of Emperor Norton is Empress Norton.



Jose Sarria, a.k.a. Empress Norton, was a longtime San Francisco activist and founder of the Imperial Council of San Francisco, a charity organization founded in honor of Joseph Norton and composed largely of drag queens.  Many other members of the Imperial Court are buried near Emperor Norton, or have spaces reserved.





If this doesn’t make you love the Bay Area, I have no hope for you.  Sorry you missed the excitement, Jeff.

Channing: As am I.  This sounds like it was a rocktacular research visit.  Can you believe I didn’t even know about this guy before writing “Skin Horse”?  Truly, one of the great Americans.