Shaenon: This storyline is set in my own Bay Area stomping grounds, so I’ve done my best to portray the area with absolute accuracy, including zombies with mustaches.  This necessitated a fact-finding mission to Colma with my husband Andrew and Skin Horse colorist and book designer Pancha Diaz.

First, though, Andrew and I collected some backup visual reference at Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland, one of the most spectacular cemeteries in the area.  Check out the neighborhood of crypts known as “Millionaire’s Row”!  That is proper housing for a zombie community.





Then it was off to Woodlawn Memorial Park in Colma, the resting place of Emperor Joseph Norton I.  Emperor Norton was a very real person and was buried here with the appropriate pomp and reverence in 1880.  However, it took us a long time to locate his grave.


Along the way, we did find confirmation that Colma contains zombie Hords.



But what of the Emperor?  More next week…

Channing: These really are some beautiful cemeteries, all told.  Maybe I should go die in San Francisco at some point.