Shaenon: My friend Pancha Diaz has been a huge source of support on Skin Horse, always offering helpful suggestions. Like, “You should draw Tip in outfits the women wear on Mad Men!” Or, “You should draw Tip naked!” Or, “You should draw Tip as one of the bathhouse attendants in Spirited Away!” Or, “You should draw Tip wet and naked!”

Pancha is very creative.

Anyway, sketching the characters in tiki outfits was her idea. I already did a bunch of tiki-themed art for my homepage, but I’m always up for more tiki.

Also, here are some more random drawings of Tip.

Okay, okay, and Dr. Lee looking sultry, which I’m sure Dr. Lee isn’t even aware she can do.

Man, can you believe this strip has been running for a year already? Because I cannot. Yikes. Next year I’d better find a way to work in more pictures of Tip naked.

Channing: The one sure way to stop Dr. Lee from being sultry is to point out how sultry she’s being. Then she gets all uptight and fussy and will not rest until she’s sure you know that no, really, it’s just that she had just put her hair down and happened to be thinking about her mom’s apricot chicken.

Tiki Unity makes me happy here. Who let Unity have a flaming object, though, anyway? A crazy person, that’s who.

Incidentally, in terms of creative work, this has been the single most fulfilling year of my whole entire life. Thanks, “Skin Horse”!