Shaenon: What’s this? Are more people following the admirable example of Eric Burns and creating their own versions of Sweetheart on Spore? Why, yes, they are! This Sweetheart-based species was created by Fandarel, who writes, “I’m going to try an Ur-gerbil next. I’d offer to do the ret of the cast of Skin Horse, but Spore won’t let me do anything good for humans.”

Thank you so much! I have no time to play computer games because I’m drawing webcomics all the time, but it warms my heart that other people are out there gaming in my stead.

Channing: Aw, look at that cute li’l frown in the first panel. Thanks, Fandarel! Yeah, I have to say I’ve never seen anyone attempt human-type people using Spore. I just don’t think that’s the point of the thing.

Anyway. I, on the other hand, seem to have all sorts of time to play computer games, probably because I’m a horrible slacker compared to Shaenon. I like to think I’m holding up my end of the stick here, but it usually takes the form of a three-day writing binge where I make up all my lost time in a sort of mad frenzy, and then I’m all like, whoop, gotta go back and find the rest of the Crusader’s Relics, Cyrodiil isn’t going to save itself, you know.