Shaenon: Ed Gedeon writes, “I’m sure one of the most frequently-asked questions is, ‘How do you create your characters?’ Well, this bit of artwork shows one possible way.” Now I’m a little sad that no one has ever actually asked me how I create my characters. Maybe Jeff’s gotten that question.

I assume Ed chose to draw me because I’m way more fun to draw than Jeffrey. Sorry, Jeffrey, but the funnest part of drawing you is putting you in different hats.

Channing: Nah, people don’t usually ask me that question very often. Which is just as well, because I don’t actually know the answer for certain.

It comes as little surprise to me that I’m not very fun to draw. There’s just not all that much appeal to drawing tall and vaguely stocky nerd boys without many distinguishing or redeeming physical characteristics. Oh well, at least there’s the hat thing.

Shaenon: Don’t say that, Jeffrey! Tall and vaguely stocky nerd boys are among my very favorite things to draw! Actually, you look very much like Chevy Chase in the movie “Funny Farm,” so even when I have trouble drawing you, I’m still in a good mood because I’m thinking of the movie “Funny Farm.”