Shaenon: Just a quick post today to show off the Skin Horse slipcases Liz Conley created for the SH 3 Kickstarter campaign.  I have no idea how to make stuff that isn’t comics, but fortunately Liz has an ongoing series on her blog, Cardboard Box Laboratory, about how she did it:

Skin Horse Slipcases, Part 1

Skin Horse Slipcases, Part 2

Skin Horse Slipcases, Part 3

Skin Horse Slipcases, Part 4

Thanks again, Liz!  These are awesome.

P.S. If you read through Liz’s blog, you’ll find more neat stuff, including a test for a possible embroidered Sweetheart patch.  Ideally, the final version will be less green.

Channing:  Seriously, Kickstarter is the best thing to happen to the Internet since the Great Outdoor Fight.  It gives us an excuse to whip up all this neat stuff!  And on the topic of neat stuff that has been whipped up, let me just drop a word reminding all y’all’s of the availability of extremely limited edition Skin Horse Shirts!  Buy one for your REDACTED one today, and a big thank-you to all purchasers so far!