Shaenon: I drew these as promo art for the launch of Skin Horse on GoComics last month. I’m sort of slowly learning how to color on Photoshop, so this was good practice. It was nice to do a full-color drawing of Unity with all her skin tones. Sweetheart, by contrast, is totally boring to color.

Channing: Aren’t these rad? Don’t they make you want to see, like, a “Skin Horse” animated series or something? They do me, boy howdy. I totally want to outsource this baby to a Korean animation studio now. Then with the money we save by shipping our animation labor overseas, we can hire Judi Dench to play Gavotte. Either that or Julie Andrews. Or some horrid affront-to-nature hybrid clone of the two. Yes, that’s right, you heard me. I AM WILLING TO TWIST SCIENCE AND NATURE TO MY WILL FOR MY ENTIRELY HYPOTHETICAL ANIMATION PROJECT.

I don’t know who I’d get for Unity and Tip, although I’d probably cast Gillian Anderson as Sweetheart, just because it’d be funny. Although, she did play Moro in the English dub of Princess Mononoke, so maybe she actually does have the canine-playing acting chops we need for Sweetheart. The live-action Tip would probably have been James Spader about fifteen years ago but he’s way too old by now. Plus, in the fantasy world inside my head, he’s too busy playing Ant-Man. Which leaves me my second choice, Orlando Bloom. Unfortunately, the mere sight of Orlando Bloom in drag would probably cause a small portion of the populace to spontaneously combust, so there’s that to think about.

See, this is what you get when you give me leave to write things without restriction. Maybe I need an intervention or something. Just ignore me and look at the super-rad promo pictures here for a while. And don’t think about Orlando Bloom in drag if that’s the sort of thing that will make you explode. Exploding is bad.