Shaenon: Vito Excalibur did a series of nifty sketches of Sweetheart, Unity, and Tip. Comments below are Vito’s.

Tip in this one doesn’t work for me – it just doesn’t look like him – but I really like Unity.

This is a better Tip.

Unity is just fun to draw. šŸ™‚

Thanks, Vito! These are sweet. I’m always fascinated by drawings of the characters looking more realistic than I draw them. It gives me an idea of what it would be like if an actual dog, reanimated patchwork corpse girl, and man in a dress showed up and started making trouble.

Channing: Unity has a pleasantly grim and chunky look in these drawings that actually are a remarkably good fit to some of my earliest stabs at writing the character. When “Skin Horse” becomes a standard of the comics community and lots of up-and-coming artists are all working on their own renditions of our world-beloved cast for one of the countless series reboots, reimaginings and/or live-action film representations, we’ll see things like this come to pass.