Shaenon: How awesome is James Rice? With only an industrial plasma cutter and his own bossitude, he made a set of Skin Horse and Anasigma bookends. Now Jeffrey’s books on the shadow government can be neatly organized instead of just lying all over the place!

I should give an extra shout-out to James for once, years ago, making a similar set of bookends out of sketches Andrew and I doodled on an envelope for him. Mine has a gerbil and Andrew’s has Senor Bingo.

Thanks, James!

And could there be…Halloween costumes? Peter Lovejoy writes, “I dressed up as Old Dave from the Dave Davenport Has Come Unstuck in Time story arc [in Narbonic] for Halloween last night, and a friend of mine from work dressed up (at least a little) as Sweetheart.”

Holy crumbs, that’s great. Old Dave is eerily accurate.

Channing: I gotta say, I expected we’d get a Unity or a Tip long before we’d get a Sweetheart, as far as costumes go. Boy, the things actual Sweetheart could do with those thumbs. Making cookies, for one thing.

Also, as noted, James Rice is incredibly awesome, as those of you who have paid any attention whatsoever to Narbonic over the years will already know. This bookend thing really puts him over the top. He really is one of our most versatile fans; all fandoms should have a fan as versatile as James Rice in them. We would all be better off.

Thanks for the great pieces of one-of-a-kind swag, James!