Shaenon: Let it never be said that I don’t come through when awesome Skin Horse sketches are needed.  Because these are great.

A warning to everyone: If you ask me to draw Nick, you will get Human!Nick, because I love drawing Human!Nick, I never get to do it in the strip, and aircraft are hard to draw.  Also, if you tell me to draw my favorite character, or just draw whatever, you will get Human!Nick.  I am way too fond of this character.  But Jeff is way too fond of Sweetheart, so on some cosmic level it all balances out.

Someone who knows me too well asked for something Hawaiian-themed. I am all over that.

Channing:  I gotta say, you Kickstarter folks made out like bandits on these sketches.  And yes, I am way too fond of Sweetheart.  If the Kickstarter bonuses were drabbles by me instead of sketches by Shaenon, you’d all be getting Sweetheart material.