Shaenon: When in doubt, do a bunch of chibis. Yeah, it’s another random doodle day.

Tip’s outfit at the beginning of “I Can Fly.” I blacked in his top in the final version, which may have been a mistake. I kind of like the lighter look here.

This is based on something Heidi Klum wore on an episode of “Project Runway.” I figure that if it looks good on a supermodel, it probably looks good on a skinny guy.

I’d like to do a finished drawing of this one of these days. Not that I ever will, because I’m lazy. But I’d like to, sure.

Oh, and hey! This past week, Skin Horse launched on! If you’re over here from GoComics, welcome! SH will run both here and on GoComics, and you can use GoComics to get the strip emailed to you and other nifty features. These Sunday sketch/fanart features will run on this site only; they’re kind of an extra. Anyway, I’m immensely excited to be on GoComics.

Channing: Ah, laziness. What would I do without you? Play a lot less Half-Life 2, probably.

The one of Tip in the checkered skirt just seems like it needs one of those LOLTip captions, but I can’t think of a good one, probably on account of it being seven o’ freaking clock in the morning at time of keying. Guess I’m gonna have to throw it at y’all again…