Shaenon: From the ongoing Skin Horse brainstorming emails:

Shaenon: I think we can have a lot of fun with Tip’s efforts at therapy. Especially if he’s just bought a new book. Oh, please tell me he’s just bought a new book.

Jeff: Shaenon, I think Tip has just bought a new book.

Shaenon: He did? That’s wonderful news! He’ll pick up so many new ideas!

Jeffrey: Aren’t you glad he did that? Boy, he can REALLY help out now! What with this new book and all!

Below, warmup doodles on the theme of “Tip Has a Book!” and the related theme “Tip Has a Hat!” Also, Unity looking irked for some reason.

And Dr. Lee. I really like drawing Dr. Lee.

Channing: Dr. Lee is such a me character, which is why that it comes as some mild startlement to me to realize that Shaenon has scripted done most of her scenes thus far, and she’s doing her exactly like I would. Only, y’know, funnier and stuff.

I think it’s Tip’s personal philosophy that a good book and a good hat will take you farther in life than any two other objects in the world. “Shoes” would be a very close third, and then I suspect we start not being able to talk about the list in polite company.