Shaenon: The newest Couscous Collective anthology is out, and it is KITTIES!  Every Couscous anthology includes either a Narbonic or a Skin Horse story, and KITTIES has a Skin Horse story, “Career Day,” written by Jeff and drawn by me.

I also wrote “Cat Politics,” a story about my cat Tesla, drawn by the wonderful Andrew Farago, and illustrated “The Story of a Cat-Loving Girl,” written by my seven-year-old cousin Joselyn.  I was kind of into the whole kitties theme.

But not as into it as I am the theme of the next Couscous anthology, SPIRITS.

Anyway, KITTIES and many other fine books are available at the Couscous Store.

Channing:  I just want you all to know that this is a freaking great bonus story.  And I am terrible at self-promotion, so when I actually get around to complimenting myself, brother, you know it’s good.