Shaenon: Eric Burns, coblogger of Websnark, sent us these screencaps of the Sweetheart life form he’s created on Spore. Writes Eric:

Here she is howling at the moon, as dogs do.

Here, she prepares to unleash a furious rampage.

And finally, here she is following a long evening of drinks and poker reporting in to give standard orders to her fleet of starship captains and work her way through another long sequence of paperwork.

Any questions?

None here. Thanks, Eric!

Jeffrey: A planet whose dominant life-form was Sweetheart would probably be very orderly (and have no cats). All in all, probably your best bet for Planets Populated By Members of Our Core Cast. Planet Tip would be very stylish, true, but dude, do you really want to live on Planet Tip? How exhausting would that be?

Now I’ve got “Planet Claire” from the B-52’s stuck in my head. However obliquely I arrived at this point, I feel like blaming Eric Burns for it. Good job, Eric! And yes, this is meant in both the facetiously-ironic sense and the literal one, in reference to your wicked Sporecraft.

Shaenon: …I kinda want to live on Planet Tip.