Shaenon:  It’s very cruel of Jeff to make me draw things like the Brain-o-Mat, because drawing things is hard.  But at least it gave me an excuse to create this advertisement for St. Charlie’s most popular, and most likely only, 24-hour brain dispensary.

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And as a bonus, your donation will also get you this classic wallpaper:

Because puppies!

Channing:  I try to be respectful, I really do.  But sometimes one’s story just happens to have a massive, edificial art-deco vending machine-style replicator in it, and what the heck else is one supposed to do?  I keep telling Shaenon she always has veto rights over the ridiculous things I tell her to draw, but she’s a trouper.  Next storyline will be much simpler.  Honest.

Shaenon: Jeff is lying.  I can’t even tell you what’s in the next storyline, it’s too much.