Shaenon: Holy crud, it’s the Department of Irradiation! This is another awesome sketch by Pencilears. I promise that the D of I will be making more appearances in the future. I’m very fond of them.

Pencilears also did this sketch of the eternally charismatic Nick Zerhakker. Language warning, as we don’t seem to be able to get through a Nick appearance without a language warning.

Nick, Nick, Nick. Why must you bump our strip from T+ to M? Anyway, thanks so much, Pencilears!

Channing: Nick’s just doing what Nick does best, to wit, being inappropriate.

In this particular piece, he’s also good at being cute! Also, Chris and Marcie are really pretty hot here. It’s almost enough to forgive their complete lack of social skills. Almost. Thanks for both of these, Pencilears!