Shaenon: Brian Daniel speculates about Tip’s formative years. Ah, the proud tradition of cross-dressing military men. Thanks, Brian! And everybody else, please check out Brian’s comic, Goliath Freed!

Channing: I’m surprised it took y’all this long to fanartify this juxtaposition, quite frankly. I suppose it’s possible that there’s an unaired M*A*S*H spinoff wherein — after being granted his Section 8 — Jamie Farr’s character is routed into a secret government black ops program wherein he performs social service duties for robots and zombies and such, but I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of this hypothetical television show. Make no further inquiries into this matter. Watch “Trapper John, M.D.” instead; the Shadow Government approves of that one. Further attempts at discovery on your part will result in extirpation, which is extremely horrible and involves walnuts. Do not ask again.