Shaenon: Holy crumbs, Volume One has arrived! I’m hard at work filling all the preorders, which will start going into the mail tomorrow. Thanks again a million times to everyone who placed preorders. I hope you like the sketches.

Anyway, Skin Horse Volume One is here and available for purchase! Furthermore, it’s available at the new Couscous Collective online store, which offers many works by the Bay Area comics collective of which I am a part. You can now buy Narbonic and Skin Horse books, as well as minicomics by all the Couscous creators, and save on shipping. Thanks very, very much to the redoubtable Pancha Diaz for building the store.

Also: Eee! Book!

Channing: I don’t think the shock of this thing has yet set in. The very thought that I actually have a printed thing to my name (aside from those dreadful high-school literary magazines, you know the ones) should be staggering, but I am largely at peace. I can’t explain it. Maybe once I get my hands on one of these babies things will be different; right now they are a couple thousand miles away, which is perturbing because I want to see the end result at least as much — if not more — than any given loyal fan.

At any rate, while I am significantly responsible for “Skin Horse” the comic, I can’t say the same for “Skin Horse”, the book. Yes, I wrote some stuff, stuff that you will hopefully buy and then read, but this book is the product of ever so much beautiful hard work on the part of Shaenon and Pancha Diaz that my own contribution seems to pale a bit. I owe so much that a simple “thanks, folks” seems grossly inadequate, but… I guess it’ll have to do.

So, thanks, Shaenon and Pancha. And thanks to everyone who helped put this book together. And finally, thanks to each and every one of you reading the strip. At the end of the day, this book is for you.

So buy it already. Sheesh.