Shaenon: Yeah, more of my notebook-paper thumbnails. I had a hard time figuring out how to draw Wolf!Tip, although the final version isn’t much different from my early sketches. Incidentally, our name for Tip’s wolf form is “Cute Lil Wuff.”

And look! Chris Baldwin, genius creator of Little Dee and other great comics, sent me this actual T-shirt from the Fairbanks Public Library, where his sister works.

Chris writes, “The head guy there is a geekily enormously huge comic fan. PLUS, the FairbanksĀ comic book store was unexpectedly, incredibly impressive.” I hope everyone now recognizes the importance of inoculating this fine, comics-loving city against lycanthropy.

Channing: Lookit! It’s dogs! Reading books! And one of ’em has glasses!

That’s… about all I have to say about that. Eerie, no?

Oh, also, Wolf!Tip really is insufferably cute, isn’t he? It’s always such a nice surprise to open up a new week of thumbnails to see what new adorable thing Shaenon’s been drawing. I am a lucky, lucky writer.