Shaenon: Thomas Reynolds writes: “Inspiration for this latest piece came from your World War II Army-Tip sketches; I wanted to do something with that retro feel involving Dr. Lee (while people still remember her…). I came up with this alternate-reality Tip and Lee, where they met 60 years before they were ‘supposed’ to.”

Anyway, this is adorable and awesome. I am such a sucker for sepia tone. Thomas adds, “Oh, yeah, and Nick gets a significant cameo too. Or Nick’s grandfather, maybe?” I leave it to better minds to figure out how that would work.

Channing: It probably involves refueling of some kind.

Anyway, yes, this is quite boss. Thank you, Mr. Reynolds! One of these days we’ll have to show you what the team actually looked like back in 1940. We’ll leave that for another storyline, I guess. One with fewer dogs.

Damn, but there are a lot of dogs in this storyline. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that.