Shaenon: Oh, man, check this out! Laurie Jacobs embroidered Tip and all the basement species as a birthday present. Writes Laurie:

“You may or may not remember, but I met you at the Stumptown Comics Festival this year and told you about how much my boyfriend Damien (who has been a fan of yours for years and who introduced me to your work) and I were loving the silverfish, etc. basement storyline. I also mentioned that he’d talked about how a poster of the whole group of creatures would be awesome to have on his wall. Anyway, it occurred to me later that, even though I can’t draw to save my life, I might be able to do something to grant his wish. I hadn’t done any embroidery in years and years, but I figured I’d give it a shot and see if I could come up with something for his birthday, which is later this month. Damien has no idea I’ve been working on this, just that I’ve been working on some kind of craft project, so he’s going to be totally surprised (and thrilled, I hope) when he sees it.”

Well, Damien? Are you thrilled? Oh, and happy birthday!

Channing: Hard, hard, hardcore awesome work here. Also, happy birthday to you, Damien! Thanks for readin’!