Shaenon: Early sketches of Captain Bram. It was surprisingly hard to get him looking right. I think he turned out okay in the final strips.

From our brainstorming emails:

Shaenon: Possibly he has also tried to get into Crufts and therefore hates England, but it’s farther away and it’s hard to attack with dogs by sea.

Jeffrey: Until you develop flying attack dogs by splicing them with albatross genes. This was probably on the drawing board at some point.

Channing: Look at that smile. He really does love his chimeric creations, doesn’t he? Let’s forget about all the electrocutions and poisonings and everything for the moment. It’s a hard world out there, doubly hard if your creator is actively campaigning for war and possible slobbery canine Ragnarok.

Unity woke Sweetheart up right before Captain Bram began his lullaby. To satisfy the completionists out there, this is what it would have been:


Hush, my creations
Nightfall is coming
Darkness has trumped the day

Dawn-bird is calling
— Though it is evening —
Thanks to my mind-warp ray

Soon will the world
Bow down to your master
Governments swept away

Sleep ’till that morning
Beautiful Children
All will be ours someday.


Hush, my creations
Father is watching
Nothing can harm you here

Let my embrace
— and desiccant powders —
Dry away all your tears

Soon you will rise
To crumble the nations
Teach them the meaning of fear

Sleep ’till that morning
Beautiful Children
Sleep, for our dawn is near.