Shaenon: You thought last week’s cast pic by Dirk Tiede was awesome? Well, it was. But so is this Oz-themed piece by my dear friend Jason Plumly Thompson! (Note: Jason’s middle name is not actually “Plumly.”) I think this might be my favorite drawing of Sweetheart ever. Also, I’m fascinated that everyone puts Dr. Lee in the cast pics even though she’s been absent from the strip for the better part of a year now. All will fall before her tsundere-style magnetism!

Jason’s graphic novel King of RPGs is out from Del Rey in January. And, yes, that’s me modeling twelve-sided-die jewelry on the King of RPGs blog. Also keep an eye out for the upcoming graphic-novel collection of Jason’s classic adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath.

Channing: Yeah, everybody thinks Dr. Lee is part of the core cast. You poor, poor, deluded boogers.

Anyway! Jason T. here brings his wonderfully biological style to our characters. I am so very happy to have him amongst our fan-art stable. And massive congratulations on the upcoming books!

Shaenon: Don’t listen to Jeffrey. I’m totally into Dr. Lee and will seek out any excuse to bring her back. She’s my second-favorite character in the strip.