Shaenon: More random doodles of Unity and Sweetheart. Of the central cast, Sweetheart is still the hardest to draw. I’m just not that good at drawing dogs. Probably should’ve thought of that when I was developing the strip, really…

Channing: Also, she’s hard to dress in adorable outfits. Normally, dogs have sort of a non-linear positive progression of adorableness when dressed up in human people clothes, but Sweetheart just seems to get annoyed by it. And it’s not fun to watch an annoyed dog. It’s fun to watch an annoyed cat, mind you; ho boy, is that fun. Dogs? Not so much.

Anyway, I think Shaenon is being typically hard on herself. Despite the fact that Sweetheart’s model is a little more dynamic than the other principals’, I really do like her style a lot.

Shaenon: Dude, you’re just asking for a series of drawings of Sweetheart in little outfits, aren’t you?

Channing: Asking? No. Would such a series, if extant, be entirely unwelcome? Also no.