Shaenon: A sample of the nine-page bonus story in the upcoming Skin Horse: Volume 1 print collection, shipping in August. Thanks very much to everyone who’s placed preorders for the book so far. As a small gesture of gratitude, I will sign and sketch a character in every copy ordered before July 31. That’s right: all preorders get signatures and sketches!

Whew! Like I said before, this whole book-creating process has been exciting and terrifying, and I have nothing but thanks for everyone who’s ordered books and helped me through the whole thing. When you get your copies, take the time to appreciate the awesome work by Pancha Diaz, my friend and compatriot in the Couscous Collective, who handled the book design amazingly.

All right! Book!

Channing: I have little else to add to the above. A lot of the grunt work has been done on the west coast for this baby, and my role has mostly been “sit back and reap the spoils”, to wit, your money. Or at least, that’s what my role WILL be… AS SOON AS ALL OF YOU GIVE US SOME. Many thanks to those of you who have already done your duty to this comic, and I hope the additional boon promised by Shaenon (which I am, once again, quite conveniently not involved with producing) will spur the remaining mass of you to do the same, so as to further reduce my work/profit ratio.

Anyway, one thing I did do is script the bulk of the bonus story, so I feel a bit less of a mooch than I otherwise would. I am very happy with this bonus story and can say that probably the only thing more awesome than this bonus story would be some kind of goggles-wearing hat-wearing talking animal who is also a ninja or something.

Did you notice that when I said “I have little else to add”, I then proceeded to go on for several more paragraphs? Isn’t that interesting?