Shaenon: Man, dogs are hard to draw right. Every storyline in Skin Horse is just Jeffrey coming up with hard-to-draw things. Castles made of office supplies. Tiltrotor aircraft. Rampages. Dogs. Alaskans. I’m bushed.

Channing: One of the benefits of having no artistic talent is the fact that my scripts are unhindered by such petty concerns such as “is this even possible to draw?” As a result, I am single-handedly responsible for many long and tearful nights wherein Shaenon falls to her knees and cries out to the unfeeling stars, “Why? WHY MUST I BEAR THE CROSS OF MY WRETCHED CO-AUTHOR, THAT VILE TOAD, THAT BEAST IN HUMAN SKIN, JEFFREY C. WELLS?!?” one small broadening of Shaenon’s artistic horizons.